Windows 10: Security Features to Know About

windows-10-664x374Launch of Windows 10 has just marked the advent of security to the next generation of Microsoft’s Windows Operating System. Security is always prime concern for Microsoft and with release of this new version, it has ensured it completely. The best part is that those using Windows 8, 8.1 can upgrade to Windows 10 by installing the updates which will appear as Windows 10 icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Windows 10 is loaded with all new features that were missing in the earlier versions viz Win 8 |Win 8.1.

Device Guard: The biggest threat for security was installation of malware. It was quite challenging to decide whether any program which is being installed poses potential risk or not. With the introduction of Device Guard, all such potential malware can easily be blocked thus zeroing the attacks. This ensures all such software and program will be blocked that lacks specific signature from its vendors but were present in Windows app Store. So one can easily now keep a tab on how trustworthy an application is? What more users can avail all the information pertaining to it before installing it on their Windows 10 machine.

Windows Hello: One of the best feature that uses biometrics for logging in Windows. No more passwords is required for authentication. It was most vulnerable and there was always a risk. Windows Hello can now identify an user by face, iris or fingerprints as it is supported with Biometric Framework.

Passport: This feature has been introduced in Win 10 and enables to authenticate to websites, application and networks without passwords. Since it stores all such details as “signature” locally on the Windows device and proves to be handy while unlocking and accessing it. Thus there is no need for password management and is good for Organizations.

“On-The-Fly” Encryption Feature: This is quite beneficial feature for those who will be using Windows 10 for business and office work on regular basis. All the files pertaining to business will be identified by the Windows and will be encrypted using improved version of BitLocker, it is a encryption feature to prevent data loss from the Disk. The data will be secluded and stored in the portal thus it would be highly secure.

Edge- Microsoft’s Latest and Secured Browser: Edge is the latest browser that is being introduced in Windows 10. unlike IE having several shortcomings, Edge is comparatively more safe and secured. Inorder to make browsing more safe it won’t be supporting ActiveX updates to ensure complete protection from malware and virus. Moreover the Edge browser will be using Sandbox mode and cannot be hacked.

Automatic Antivirus updation: When OS is upgraded to Win 10, the pre-installed antivirus automatically will be upgraded if it is compatible with Windows 10. the latest version of the antivirus gets re-installed with the preferred settings to make the system fully secured. Incase if the antivirus is not compatible with or the subscription has expired, Windows Defender will take over and would get installed.

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