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Google Chrome Security Update to Warn & foil Unwanted Downloads

Have you updated your Google Chrome browser? If not you need to do so because Google has added new Warning feature and service to ensure complete protection against harmful actors on web. This is only possible when you use latest version of the Google Chrome web browser. Actually this move has been done as Google wants to safeguard Chrome users against any deceptive software that is randomly abundant on web. Now users can notice a red flag when they are about to visit a malicious website using Chrome. This will warn the users not only to avoid such websites before accessing but also discourage them from downloading any files from such sites. Adding a broad spectrum to the security policies of major search engine provider. This can be helpful not only to safeguard your PC from malware but also from such unwanted websites promoting programs that seeks easy entry on to the PC. All such programs and apps that do not serve any purpose other than promoting spam, fail to live up to its expectation or as claimed, offering tricky software, modification of homepage without user’s approval will come under scanner.

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