Google Chrome Security Update to Warn & foil Unwanted Downloads

Have you updated your Google Chrome browser? If not you need to do so because Google has added new Warning feature and service to ensure complete protection against harmful actors on web. This is only possible when you use latest version of the Google Chrome web browser. Actually this move has been done as Google wants to safeguard Chrome users against any deceptive software that is randomly abundant on web. Now users can notice a red flag when they are about to visit a malicious website using Chrome. This will warn the users not only to avoid such websites before accessing but also discourage them from downloading any files from such sites. Adding a broad spectrum to the security policies of major search engine provider. This can be helpful not only to safeguard your PC from malware but also from such unwanted websites promoting programs that seeks easy entry on to the PC. All such programs and apps that do not serve any purpose other than promoting spam, fail to live up to its expectation or as claimed, offering tricky software, modification of homepage without user’s approval will come under scanner.

This move will definitely enable Google to track and filter out such malicious websites from its search results too. All such websites can be termed as deceptive that are meant to trick users if they continue to offer unwanted program and software failing to its expectations.

Nice Impacts & Welcome Move: It will surely have a better impact as far as the security of the system is concerned. Google which has a motive to offer best services to its users has again lived up to the expectation by updating its security features for safe browsing. This feature can also be availed if you are using Mozilla Firefox. Now you will be prompted with a warning message while using Chrome in case the site you are about to visit is reported to have harmful software or offering malicious downloads. This ensures complete security and to avoid navigating to such potentially harmful websites in future too. Actually this move will discourage users from accessing all such websites using deceptive techniques for invading PC and are known to install unwanted programs, toolbars, extensions and plug-ins without users approval or consent. Such programs are known to do more harm than good. Moreover there are few programs or applications that are not easy to be uninstalled if somehow thy are able to sneak on to the Windows system. Moreover neither they can be updated nor modified and can be a real menace for the users. They are reported to harm your computer in case if they are downloaded and installed on the browser.

Google Chrome should now display a warning pop-up as warning sign if you are about to navigate fraudulent websites. It will discourage users by showing a large red screen recommending the following website might be unsafe and it can involve risks if you navigate. Still if, users prefer to visit that site it will be at their own risk. There is also an option to return back “to Safety” to Google’s Homepage if you do not want to navigate owing to the risks involved. There is also option to get more details regarding the site. This all will give a strong signal to all such vendors that are out with motive to spam web with unwanted software and promoting fake ads frequently.

This will definitely demarcate a line which was missing and serving as a weak area that needed to be addressed urgently. All credit must be given to Google and entire Team that has worked relentlessly to plug out this weak and vulnerable spot now. This move will definitely identify and detect such websites that worked on breaching privacy and seem to work fraudulently. In recent times there was an increase in such programs that claimed to serve as helpful downloads but were found to be false and never lived up to its expectation. Moreover it was found to change the browser’s settings and apparently its default homepage. This was something unexpected for the users without having their consent for.

The recent update will definitely curb on all such malicious tactics employed by deceptive and fraudulent websites that tricks users by making them navigate to such sites and later they have to be a victim of cyber fraud. Actually distribution of malware is reportedly been on the rise by making use of ads by such questionable websites which are highly unsafe to visit or stay on them for long. The first time Google introduced safe browsing service was in the year 2006. It was an attempt to safeguard Windows system by identifying unsafe sites distributing malware and reportedly phishing activities. Recently in January, a “malvertising” scam using Google’s AdSense was reported that redirected users to malicious websites promoting products related to “Brain Enhancing” and “anti-ageing”. Keeping all these development in consideration, this recent update giving warning as pop-up can prove to be a milestone to ensure complete protection against websites that are unsafe to navigate. By making use of this technology, as much as 3 million warning messages can be displayed every week as reported by Google. Apart from Google Chrome, such services can also be availed in browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

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