How to Uninstall a Malware, Virus, Trojan, PUP’s & Ransomware

Anti-Virus or anti-malware are must for your PC. If anyone says that their PC is connected to Internet & they are not infected with virus or adware then it is not possible. Any one connected to internet without a anti spyware is sure shot get infection. Now-a-days the virus & malware developer are getting smart they find innovative way to get the PC infected.

These Virus Malware gets into your Pc from following ways:

  • Clicking infected Websites
  • Installing free program without paying attention what they are hiding behind the legitimate software.
  • downloading videos or document from unknown email id’s
  • Using infected USB’s
  • Using vulnerable version of software & browsers.

This list can grow very large. We are here to provide you the way how to manually uninstall adware, browser-hijackers, potentially unwanted programs, malwares & ransomware.

Here we are providing the list of software which will help you to remove the infection automatically. List is the form of high to low rating software.

Spyhunter by Enigma software


Download Now

Price – Not Free
Demo Version allows you to scan the PC & find the Infection. Go for this software if you see the list of infection in the scan result.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware


Price – Free & Premium Version
This is one of the most download anti spyware software available on the internet. Free version is capable of detecting & deleting the PC infection completely. This software is compatible with most of the well known anti virus software.

BitDefender Internet Security



Price – Not Free
Bit Defender is well known brand in complete internet security software. This software is not an anti-spyware but it plays this role very efficiently. Bit defender comes with a powerful scan engine along with this it provides firewall security & many other features.

Panda Free Antivirus


Panda Free Antivirus is as its name i.e light & beautiful. This is one of the most simplest antivirus program in this category. Software is really very easy to use. It has many other features like process explorer, filtering live url’s & many other

Spybot Search & Destroy


Spybot has gained a lot of reputation in these years. It has the capability to find & destroy the malware completely from the PC. Software also scans the application which are consuming the too much of system resources & network resources.

Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+


For a safe & free malware browsing, you can opt for Ad-ware free Antivirus+. This is also one of the lightest software in the category. It has the capability to deep scan the PC & remove malware infection. Software provides the scanning of items that are being downloaded.

AVG Antivirus 2016


This is not just a malware, but it is complete malware pc protection software.Software provides click protection, email protection, data encryption features.